Educators are fully aware that many very capable students struggle taking standardized tests because they have learning or physical challenges. This is why accommodations are offered to students who “are unable to take the ISEE under standard conditions” These challenges must be documented and upon approval, a student may be eligible to receive accommodations such as extended time when taking the test (50%) and/or taking the test on a computer rather than with paper and pencil.


Here is what a parent must do:


  1. Submit an accommodations request for your student on the ISEE website  You will automatically receive an ISEE Accommodations Form via the email you have provided on your parent account.


  1. Submit the completed, signed and dated Current School Statement section of the form.


  1. Submit the required supporting documentation (i.e. a complete psycho-educational evaluation dated within the last 3 years, an IEP from the current calendar year, a School Accommodation Plan from the current calendar year OR a current physician’s letter).


  1. Do not register for a test date before receiving approval which can take up to three weeks.


  1. After approval, be sure  to register for a test site and date that offers the accommodations that were approved since ISEE does not guarantee an available test site or location that offer these accommodations.


  1. If the approved accommodations are not offered at any available test site locations, you will need to make arrangements at one of the ISEE test site schools to which your student is applying.


It is noteworthy that the approval will stay with your student for 15 months should your student want to register to take another test and that any accommodations that your student receives are not identified on the score report.


Information comes directly from the ISEE website








The Enrollment Management Association, the organization that offers the SSAT, is “committed to ensuring that students with disabilities receive all necessary and reasonable testing accommodations when taking the SSAT.”


If you believe your student may be eligible to receive testing accommodations, it is important that you submit your application in a timely way. It can take up to 2 weeks to process your request and you must receive approval before registering for an SSAT with testing accommodations. It’s important to note that test sites that offer accommodations may fill up before the registration deadline.


Per the website, (under Resources, “About the SSAT”), once students are approved for accommodations, there is no requirement to submit another request for the remainder of testing season. In addition, schools are not notified if a student takes the SSAT with accommodations.


Standardized tests can be challenging under the best of circumstances. If your student has learning or physical differences that can be mitigated by receiving testing accommodations, I recommend you pursue what is being offered by The Enrollment Management Association when signing up for the SSAT. They are designed to provide equitable and fair access to the test.