September is when families are embarking upon the admissions process for the following school year.  This is a time to gather information about the schools to which you’re applying and plan for their specific requirements for admission.  One of the most important pieces of advices that we give parents is to make sure you are not holding up the admissions process.  Staying on top of your admissions to do list with enable you to complete the process successfully and with minimal stress.

We’d like to help you by providing this handy checklist for the month of September.



  • Do your research.  Peruse schools online, and check with them to see if they’re participating in a local school fair where you can gather material and impressions from several schools at once.
  • Request admissions and financial aid material.
  • Note important event dates, deadlines for applications, transcripts, and financial aid.
  • Register for any standardized tests required for admission.
  • If testing is required, review the test website to learn about procedures and test dates; consider purchasing a test-preparation online course.
  • Call schools to schedule individual tours, interviews, and class visits.

The admissions process can seem overwhelming, but by keeping a calendar and breaking up the process into smaller chunks, such as a month-by-month to do list, you’ll be poised for a smooth and successful admissions season.    We’ll be discussing next month’s to dos in the coming days.