About Us

ETP was created by three passionate educators who bring decades of experience in independent schools. As teachers, admissions advisors and administrators, our experience over the years prompted our group to create Educational Test Prep, LLC. At ETP, we have observed the pressure parents and their children have been facing in the independent school admissions process, particularly when it comes to standardized testing. In doing so we became determined to create a test preparation course that would alleviate test anxiety and allow children to access the knowledge they’ve gained in the classroom.


We have observed countless students who get good grades and perform well in school, but then turn out test scores below the proficiency they demonstrate in class. Our experience has led us to conclude that standardized tests speak their own language, and through ongoing exposure to testing language, we can naturally become fluent. Thus, ETP has developed a unique and proven method of test preparation, one that calls upon each student’s ability to acquire language through immersion and ongoing exposure. We have piloted a program at an independent school in west Los Angeles and have seen profound and nearly universal score increases. The experiment proved that this program works!

The ETP Team

Sue Slotnick, Chief Executive Officer and Director of School Placement

Sue Slotnick has worked as a K – 12 Director of Admissions and Director of School Placement at two independent schools in Los Angeles, California.  She is currently working as CEO of Educational Test Prep, LLC and as an independent college counselor specializing in test prep.

Lisa Kurstin, Co-Founder/Educator and Test Prep Expert

Lisa Kurstin is a trained botanist and science educator, who brings two decades of experience as a classroom teacher and senior level administrator in California independent schools. Lisa’s administrative experience includes having served as a Director of Studies and Admissions Director in independent schools, as well as Education Programs Manager at Descanso Gardens in La Cañada Flintridge, California. Currently, Lisa is devoting time to test prep and college counseling.

James Westerholm, Co-Founder/Educator and Test Prep Expert

James Westerholm brings over 20 years of classroom instruction and private tutoring in standardized test preparation and all high school subjects. Over his years as a teacher and tutor, Jim has devoted his practice to researching and mastering the art of test taking. Jim’s interest in cracking test code resulted in ETP’s unique approach to test-prep – viewing language acquisition as the key to mastering tests.