“ETP’s online practice is a wonderful tool. What is unique about this program compared to other standardized test prep programs is that it is written in a language that mimics the language of the tests. In addition to strategies for answering specific types of questions, it also helps students approach the test with a positive mindset. As an educator and parent, I recommend this to children and parents preparing for any standardized test.”
Susan Schechtman, Former Middle School Principal, Oakwood School/CEO Parenting 4 Success
“ETP’s approach builds our students’ confidence through exposure to multiple strategies. Each student finds the one that works best. Through repeated practice students learn to unlock the mystery of standardized test taking and emerge much more fluent in the language of the test makers. Our students have been successfully applying these strategies on test day.”
Caroline Byfield, Director of Studies, Village School
“I have found the program developed by Educational Test Prep, LLC to be highly effective. It allows me to provide direct instruction in standardized test-taking skills, and the curriculum affords students the opportunity to hone their thinking, analyzing, and reasoning skills, as well as apply them. Integrating this test preparation program into my classroom has been an extremely positive endeavor.”
Keith Johnson, Fifth Grade Teacher, Village School
“(ETP Co-founder) Jim Westerholm continues to be instrumental in the academic success
my children are experiencing in Middle & High School. He is always prepared in the academic subject he is tutoring, works patiently with my children and helps them learn study habits they can use independently, as well.”
Kaitzer Puglia, La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board Member and Professor of Education, Pasadena City College
“After using Educational Test Prep for our 4th and 5th grades classes, their test scores increased up to 2 stanines for the ISEE by using this test prep method.”
Advancement Director, Los Angeles Independent School